1. The paper should indicate an innovation or contribution in the field of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh.
  2. The paper should not have published before.
  3. The paper should be free from grammatical errors as well as typing mistakes.
  4. The paper must follow scientific methodology of research in the field of Fiqh and Usul Fiqh.
  5. The paper will be assessed by two assessors.
  6. The paper must contain an abstract of 250 words in English and its translation in Arabic, which comprises the research problem, methodology of research and important research findings. The abstract must have 5 keywords.
  7. The discussion of ideas in the paper should be organized in subtopics according to the outlines with an introduction covering research background, literature review and outlines.
  8. The paper should not exceed (8,000) words, and not less than (4,000) words including references, appendixes, charts etc.
  9. The paper must be written in Microsoft Word by using Times New Roman font with the size 12 for the content and 10 for the footnote. If the paper contains Arabic word, it must be written by using Traditional Arabic font with the size 16 for the content and 12 for the footnote. The spacing between two lines is 1.5 line spacing.
  10. First page of the paper must contain full name of author(s), emails, addresses, phone number and affiliations.
  11. If the paper contains Quranic verses, those verses must be put inside decorated brackets (--) and write the name of surah and the number of verses like this [al-Baqarah: 100]. Every Quranic verse must be translated into English. If the paper contains Prophetic aÍÉdith, they must be put inside these brackets ((---)), with the English translation also.
  12. The references must be arranged alphabetically at the end of the paper, by using transliteration with AHT Times New Roman The font is available in this link.
  13. Any appendices must be placed after the list of references.
  14. The paper must follow APA style of citation in which the reference is mentioned in the content directly like these (Last Name, Year of Publication, Volume No., Page No.), for example: (al-GhazÉlÊ, 2004, 2:205).
  15. The references must be written as follows:
  • Books: Last Name, First Name. Year of Publication. Title of the Book. Name of the Editor. Country/City: Name of the Publisher.
  • Journals: Last Name, First Name. Year of Publication. Title of the Article (Italic within quotation marks). Name of the Journal. Name of the Institution. Issue No., Volume No., Pages No.
  • Dissertations: Last Name, First Name. Year of Completion. Title of the Thesis. Degree of the Thesis. Name of the University.
  • Conference Papers: Last Name, First Name. Year of the Conference. Title of the Paper (Italic within quotation marks). Name of the Conference. Name of the Organizer.
  • Websites: Last Name, First Name. Title of the Article. Date of Browsing. Website Address.
  1. The researcher must amend the paper based on the assessors’ remarks and suggestions.
  2. The papers published in the journal present the ideas and stands of the authors.
  3. The researcher is responsible for his research, if the paper contains any kind of plagiarism, it will be rejected.
  4. The editorial board has the right to ask the researcher to do the correction and amendment.
  5. The paper will not be returned to the author even if it is not accepted for publication.


Publication Guidelines                        قواعد النشر