Economic Consumption Model Revisited: Infaq Based on Al- Shaybani’s Levels of Al-Kasb


  • Mustafa Omar Mohammed Department of Economics, KENMS, International Islamic University Malaysia, P.O Box 10, 50728, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


This study attempt to investigate the economic ideas of of al-Imam Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shaybani (1986), focusing on his levels of al-Kasb. The study uses al-Shaybani's levels of al-Kasb to develop a theoretical Infaq model that integrates the material, spiritual, moral, social and legal dimensions. Thus the Infaq model is broader than the concept of consumption in modern economics. It also has some advantages over the Islamic consumption models developed by contemporary Muslim economists. The model identifies some major implications in terms of basic need fulfillment, social infq and distributive justice. The primary features of this model are its simplicity and comprehensiveness. It is easy to understand yet it embodies the individual, social, material, spiritual, moral and legal dimensions into the individual’s spending decision making and behavior. The model is more realistic in understanding human behavior. It is growth friendly and instills the spirit of cooperation and social responsibility at the individual and social levels. It is suggested that future research futher fine tune with some rigourous analysis.


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