Malay Characters in Lloyd Fernando’s <i>Green is the Colour<i/>


  • Madiha Ramlan, International Islamic University Malaysia


This essay focuses on how members of the Malay community are characterised in Lloyd Fernando's Green is the Colour (1993) by highlighting the complexities and nuances surrounding Malay identity. Fernando's characterisation of Malays puts focus on discourses of identity and belonging that continue to dominate imaginaries on personal and national levels. By putting the 1969 Sino-Malay Race Riots and the Islamic Revivalism of the 1980s into context, Fernando enables a discussion not only on the many aspects of being Malay, but at the same time address how these many facets of “Malay†identity inform and are informed by the Malaysian socio-political landscape.


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Author Biography

Madiha Ramlan, International Islamic University Malaysia

Madiha Ramlan is an Academic Trainee at International Islamic University Malaysia. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree at the University of Adelaide. Her research interests include Asian Australian literature, spatiality in fiction and representations of indigenous cultural groups in Malaysian literature.




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Ramlan, International Islamic University Malaysia, M. (2014). Malay Characters in Lloyd Fernando’s &lt;i&gt;Green is the Colour&lt;i/&gt;. Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature, 8(2), 125–136. Retrieved from



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