Space Defining the Individual in Kazuo Ishiguro's <i>The Remains of the Day</i>


  • Shaju Ouseph Nalkara Arab Open University


Space is an active component in Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day (1989). The novel concentrates on the life of the ageing butler Stevens. The narrative moves through ruminations on his previous master, Lord Darlington, and the post-war disintegration of British values. The profound ties between Stevens and Darlington Hall form the crux of the narrative to the extent that one’s fate cannot be separated from the identity of the other. Darlington Hall evolves into a space which shapes not just world history but also the destiny of Stevens. This paper examines how The Remains of the Day is a narrative about Stevens’ attempt to understand his past and to disentangle the mysteries of his being. It will argue on how space plays a vital role in defining the identity of characters and structuring narratives.


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