Portrayals of Vigilantism in the <i>KL Noir</i> Anthologies


  • Susan Philip


This article examines the motif of vigilantism in selected stories from the four anthologies in the KL Noir series, published by Fixi Novo. The prevalence of the vigilante figure in these stories suggests a preoccupation among the authors not so much with crime, as with a lack of trust in the ability or willingness of the appointed authorities to effectively deal with crime. The stories often grapple with the moral ambiguity which comes with seeking justice, perhaps at the expense of the law, in a society in which the law appears to have failed its citizens. Focusing on the darkness allows the writers and the readers to confront some unsavoury truths about the city – truths which seem to be at odds with the vision of gleaming towers and glitzy malls, but which more accurately represent a part of city life that many people have to encounter.


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Section II: Twenty-First Century Malaysian Literature