Re-shaping Identity Through the Body: An Analysis of K.S. Maniam’s <i>The Sandpit: Womensis</i> & Mark de Silva’s<i> Stories for Amah</i>


  • Susan Philip, University of Malaya, Malaysia



The fundamental concern of this paper is with issues of authoritative control over individual expressions of identity, as well as with the construction of identity within Malaysian society. There is a level of resistance to this process of construction and the  subsequent imposition of identities on the individual at the authoritative level. The  theatre is a particularly rich site for the staging of such resistance because it can physically  embody, explore, and exhibit identities which challenge and subvert the official  rhetoric. In this paper, I look specifically at how the physical bodies of the characters in  certain plays become sites of contention; the plays in question are K.S. Maniam’s The Sandpit: Womensis and Mark de Silva’s Stories for Amah. In both plays, the bodies of the female protagonists can be seen as expressions of their identities, as well as sites which  dominant figures try to re-shape and control. 



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Author Biography

Susan Philip, University of Malaya, Malaysia

Susan Philip, Ph.D., is Associate Professor in the Department of English, University of Malaya.Her area of specialisation is the English-language theatres of Malaysia and Singapore. She has published several articles on the subject in a variety of journals and edited books.




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Philip, University of Malaya, Malaysia, S. (2009). Re-shaping Identity Through the Body: An Analysis of K.S. Maniam’s &lt;i&gt;The Sandpit: Womensis&lt;/i&gt; &amp; Mark de Silva’s&lt;i&gt; Stories for Amah&lt;/i&gt;. Asiatic: IIUM Journal of English Language and Literature, 3(2), 69–87.




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