Enriching Knowledge by Publishing in the Regional languages


  • Ricardo M. de Ungria, University of the Philippines, Mindanao


Literary publishing in the Philippine regional languages – such as Iluko, Cebuano, Kapampangan, and Bikol – have existed since the sixteenth century. In recent years, the development of literature in the regions was largely helped by writers groups, independent publishers, and writers workshops. Publication in Manila also helped popularise these works – but for this, the writers had to write in either English or Filipino. Books published in the regions are generally available only in these places and have a very limited circulation. There is a need to sustain writing in the regional languages, and to encourage the writing of criticism and critical frameworks for each regional literature. The absence of a critical consciousness in literature could be an indication of a lack of a passion for truth and a viable intellectual climate in the country. In this situation, the work of the publishing industry in creating new knowledge gains new meaning and value.



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Author Biography

Ricardo M. de Ungria, University of the Philippines, Mindanao

Ricardo M. de Ungria served as Chancellor of the University of the Philippines in Mindanao for two terms (2001- 2006). A founding member of the Philippine Literary Arts Council, he has been to writing residencies in Hawthornden and Bellagio and has published seven books of poetry that earned him National Book Awards. At present, he serves as Commissioner for the Arts at the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.




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