An Entrepreneur (Khadijah (R.A) In the Prophetic House: Lesson to the Contemporary Muslim Women of Katsina State


  • Abubakar Sani
  • Bilyaminu Muhammad


Life, Khdijah (R.A), Women Entrepreneurship, Business, Katsina State


Entrepreneurship is the act of earning through engagement in business and investment, which can be achieved by everyone regardless of gender, religion, background, environment and social strata. It is highly encouraged in Islam through various verses of the Qur'an and ahaadith. Similarly, Muslims are seriously cautions against idle-living that usually affect socio-economic growth and development of the ummah. This study established that most of the contemporary Muslim women of Katsina state continue to remain idle and could not contribute anything to the development of their society economically. This triggers the research towards calling their attention to fonder and put into practice the life of Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (R.A) the wealthiest merchant and most exalted business woman of Arabian Peninsula. This study was conducted using descriptive method to analyze the strategies adopted by this great woman to earn income, reduced unemployment, supported the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Islam. The paper uncovers that the effect of idle living among Hausa Women in Katsina usually cause crises in matrimonial setups, social vices among female children among others. It further recommends for women to become economically self-reliant, also government, individuals and non-governmental organizations should establish entrepreneurship Centers at all level to train women, government should support them with business take-up packages, Husbands and parents should be supportive to their wives and children that decide to start-up business as the benefit will extend to the family members, community and country at large.


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