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Consequently, prevention-models are emerging to combat this menace. The present study, therefore, aims to establish the role of religion in preventing domestic violence by grooming mentally healthy individuals and to contextualize this prevention approach within scriptural framework of the Holy text of Muslims, Holy Qur’an. It draws on data collected through interviews with victims of domestic violence identified during a survey in Kashmir and the Holy text of Muslims, Quran. Interview transcripts were analyzed using qualitative method (axial coding by Corbin and Strauss) in order to establish its causes. Once the causes were established, the Qur’anic text was thoroughly examined to identify the verses which address the causes of domestic violence. Thereafter each identified verse was contextualized within the prevention of domestic violence context. The thematic analysis of the data revealed the following categories of the causal factors of domestic violence, ‘perpetrator`s characteristics’, ‘victim`s characteristics’, ‘communication factors’, and ‘cultural factors’. These causal factors reveal a spectrum of personality and mental health issue among the perpetrators and victims of domestic violence respectively. Personality issues like elements of narcissism are found in perpetrators whereas elements of depression like learned helplessness are found in victims. Therefore, identification of the relevant Qur’anic verses and their contextualization within interpersonal relationships provided ways to address each of these causal factors of domestic violence.&nbsp; The holy text of Qur’an provides for prevention of domestic violence across various levels, individual and societal. However, it emphasizes primary prevention of domestic violence through grooming well-balanced personalities with desirable social and interpersonal skills who are less likely to involve in any kind of interpersonal violence and in case of victims, Qur’an exhorts people to have a liberating set of cognitive beliefs, like a pro-active approach towards life which makes it less likely for the victims to land in depression. Therefore, the present study can help in designing interventions for prevention of domestic violence for Muslim population based on their holy text, Quran.</p> Misbah Rafiq Copyright (c) 2021 Revelation and Science 2021-03-15 2021-03-15 10 02 Ethical Concerns about the Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Practices: An Explanatory Review <p>Modern advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) have greatly improved certain healthcare services both in prevention and treatment of given ailments. Artificial intelligence technologies that benefited healthcare include machine learning, natural language processing, rule-based expert system, physical robots, and robotics process automation. AI has aided medical researchers in modeling research, clinical laboratories, anatomic pathology and reading huge data and designing drugs with reliable accuracy. It helped medical doctors’ interpretation of medical images that are designed to diagnose given illnesses, such as imaging practices of X-ray, MRI and ultrasound diagnoses. Though the use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms is rapidly growing in various healthcare practices with promising potentials, however the use of computer-generated applications in healthcare sector have raised certain ethical concerns about the safety and reliability of these applications. Similar concerns are made about matters of privacy, security, accountability, fairness, and rights. This paper uses an analytical method and reviews these concerns.&nbsp;</p> Hassan Ismail Bile Copyright (c) 2021 Revelation and Science 2021-03-15 2021-03-15 10 02 Genetics of Evolution and Its Environmental Phenomenon <p>The aim of this short note is to outline the importance and the purpose of genetic evolution. Content analysis method is used in this paper. This short note generally discusses how genetic evolution aids organisms-coming from various backgrounds with numerous unique characteristics-to survive extinction. The paper mainly focuses on the diverse evolutionary concepts behind the continuance of species and their populations, despite the drastic changes that repeatedly take place in their surrounding environment. The study, therefore, found how the environment and natural selection cause adaptive evolution among species. Thus, it provides understanding of the survival mechanism of the species in their habitats.</p> Sumayea Meem Copyright (c) 2021 Revelation and Science 2021-03-15 2021-03-15 10 02