03| Unani Super Sea Food -Animal Component (Pearl) and Future Policies


  • Rabbani Mumtaz International Islamic University Malaysia


Unani medical system is a holistic approach of science and human body. It is a natural and simple method of extracting from nature and based on the way body responses. Despite the work done by Unani  researchers to find solutions for many diseases, this system still have not gained the popularity in the modern world. This paper explains the importance of sustaining the Unani system and drugs made from component (Pearl- Marwareed) obtained from sea, providing insight on dose modification. The formulation uses sources like plants, mineral ans small portion from animal content. Hence, this paper explores the level of religiosity among Unani physicians, the concept of health in Islamic perspective. The data were collected from personal interview with Hakeem (Physician with wisdom) across India and extensive literature as well as recommendation to promote Unani medical system in India. Therefore, this research   focus more on future implementation of best strategies to develop Indian Traditional medicinal system.

Author Biography

Rabbani Mumtaz, International Islamic University Malaysia

International Institute for Halal Research and Training (INHART),

International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Gombak, Selangor



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