The Syntactical Regulator in the Arabic Syntax: An Analytical Study

  • Solehah Yaacob


The research focuses on the effectiveness of the syntactical regulator
in providing meaning in the Arabic Syntax and attempt to explain semantic
changes resulting from phonetic changes in word endings, especially with
respect to vowels. It further looks into the dynamics which bring about such
changes in phonetics and evaluates the significance of the altered meanings
from the viewpoint of semantics. In order to interpret semantic changes,
Classical Arabic denotes eight cases as the determinants or basis for the change
at the level of the mind that lead to transformation as an anonymous process
for comprehending speech utterances. The dynamics of the above process
provide the orientation effecting precise and accurate meaning bearing upon
the entire sentence construction comprehensively. Thus, the research purpose
is to demonstrate the underlying inner structure providing the dynamism and
process preceding production of verbal utterances intrinsic within the Arabic


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