• International Journal of Al-Turath In Islamic Wealth and Finance

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF AL-TURATH IN ISLAMIC WEALTH AND FINANCE is A blind peer-reviewed international Arabic online journal, published biannually in June and December by the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance and International Islamic University Malaysia.


    JOURNAL OF AL-TURATH seeks to publish high quality academic research in Arabic by establishing a unique platform for Islamic heritage-based academic research in diverse areas of Islamic wealth and finance. The journal would contribute to Islamic wealth and finance research through an academic exploration of turath and Islamization.

    The Journal includes articles, selected studies, book reviews, reports of conferences etc., which are relevant to Islamic wealth management and Finance.

    The Editorial Board invites scholars and researchers to submit contributions to the Secretariat of the Journal.

    Indexing & Abstracting


  • ­­Journal of Islamic Social Finance

    ­­Journal of Islamic Social Finance is a new journal under the management of the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF), which aims to provide a platform for academic discourse and dissemination of advances in knowledge focusing mainly on issues in the areas of Islamic social finance.

    Islamic social finance is one of the main Muslim scholars’ contributions in the contemporary time, which include areas such as Zakat, Waqf, Sadaqah, Infaq and Islamic microfinance. By incorporating both the financial and social aspects, Islamic social finance has wide applications in the context and realities faced by Islamic banking and finance today. Islamic social finance has also been identified as a tool to strengthen the role of Islamic banking and finance in supporting the sustainability agenda currently pursued at both the domestic and global levels. Despite the increasingly significance and influential role of Islamic social finance, a specific journal catering for the advances in knowledge in this pertinent area of Islamic finance has yet to be established. This provides the motivation for the IIiBF (as a center of excellence in the area of Islamic banking and finance) to take the initiative to establish a journal focusing on Islamic social finance. The establishment of the JISF will provide a unique platform for quality articles in the vast areas of Islamic social finance to be published and widely disseminated.

    The objectives of the JISF are to:

    1. provide a platform for publication of peer reviewed and high-quality articles and research in pertinent issues in Islamic social finance written in English and Arabic.
    2. encourage specialists (academicians and industry-players) to publish their findings in the areas of Islamic social finance.
    3. provide a platform for wide dissemination of knowledge in niche area and new frontiers of Islamic finance.

    Journal Scope

    The areas of coverage of the JISF includes but not limited to:

    1. Zakat
    2. Waqf
    3. Takaful
    4. Sadaqah
    5. Fintech for Islamic Social Finance
    6. Islamic Financial Inclusion
    7. Islamic Microfinance
    8. Other contemporary issues in Islamic Social Finance


    The medium language: English and Arabic.

    Arabic papers must have title, authors, abstract, key words and references in English/Roman script, as required for indexation.

    Publication Frequency

    The journal is published bi-annually in June and December.

  • Journal of Islamic Finance

    Journal of Islamic Finance (JIF), published biannually (June and December), is a double blind peer-reviewed open-access journal of the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF), International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). 

    The journal is designed to provide a platform for researchers, academicians and practitioners who are interested in new knowledge and discussing ideas, issues and challenges in the fields of Islamic banking, finance, accounting, business and economics.

    Journal Scope

    The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited to, Islamic banking and finance, Islamic capital markets, Islamic wealth management, issues on Shari'ah implementation and practices of Islamic banking and finance, zakat, waqf, takaful and comparative analysis of Islamic and conventional financial institutions. 

    Publication Frequency

    The journal is published biannually in June and December in English.

    Peer Review Process

    A manuscript undergoes a double-blind review process with reviews managed by the Editorial team. Authors are required to upload revised versions and reply to the reviewers' comments. 

    The final decision of the manuscript is subject to the Editor-in-Chief's decision after the reviewing process.


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    Opinions expressed in articles and creative pieces published in this Journal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editors, the editorial board or the publisher.

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