Green Human Resource Management: Implication Towards Environmental Performance in Developing Countries


  • Muliati Usman Syiah Kuala University, Indonesia
  • Norsiah Mat University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia


Green human resource management, Practice of green HRM, Environmental performance


The objective of this study is to explore the influence of green Human Resource Management (HRM) on environmental performance by using a narrative literature review. This study promotes practice of green HRM as a critical approach in determining the success of environmental performance. However, there is  limited study investigating the relationship between green HRM and environmental performance in the context of developing countries. Besides, there is somewhat mixed results regarding important or essential elements of green HRM. This study considers that identifying essential components or elements of green HRM practices is very important to accelerate environmental performance. Studies of green HRM provide convincing evidence on the significant effect of green HRM in enhancing environmental performance. Practice of green HRM can improve environmental performance. This study contributes to extending literature on the relationship of green HRM toward environmental performance in developing countries by developing  essential elements or key factors of green HRM practices for the success of environmental performance: green recruitment and green selection, green training, green performance, and green reward.



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