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Future Issue - January 2022 (Tentative articles) -- NO MORE ADDITIONAL ARTICLES IN THIS ISSUE -- Any accepted articles payment after 19 October 2021 will not be included in the January 2021 issue.

Vol. 23 No. 1 (2022)

List of papers for the forthcoming issue publication  (Once accepted,  receiving APC and camera-ready manuscript based on the IIUM Journal format  ==> Language Editor --> Copy Editor --> Proofread --> Schedule for publication --> Publish issue tentatively on 4th January 2022).  --> DOI will be activated once the issue is published.

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Electrical, Computer and Communications Engineering

1663: Performance Analysis on Dynamic Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicle Using  Ferrite Core

 Siti Hajar Yusoff,  Amira Aziera Abdullah, Nadia Nazieha Nanda and Ahmed Samir Abed Badawi

1744: Design and Analysis of a Microstrip Patch Antenna at 7.5 GHz for X-band VSAT Application

Sarah Yasmin Mohamad, Noralya Fatin Muzamil, Norun Farihah Abdul Malek, S.M.A. Motakabber, Rafidah Abd Malik  and Nurain Izzati Shuhaimi

1760: Wavelet Detail Coefficient as a Novel Wavelet-MFCC Features in Text-Dependent Speaker Recognition System

 Syahroni Hidayat, Muhammad Tajuddin, Siti Agrippina Alodia Yusuf, Jihadil Qudsi and Nenet Natasudian Jaya

1783: In-Idris: Modification of Idris Stemming Algorithm for Indonesian Text

Febiarty Wulan Suci, Nur Hayatin and Yuda Munarko

1789: Botnet Detection Using Independent Component Analysis 

 Wan Nur Hidayah Ibrahim, Ali Selamat and Ondre Krejcar

1802: Color Image Retrieval Based on Fuzzy Neural Networks and Swarm Intelligence

Baydaa Ibraheem Khaleel

1803: Enhancement of Stability on Autonomous Waypoint Mission of Quadrotor Using LQR Integrator Control

Oktaf Agni Dhewa, Tri Kuntoro Priyambodo, Aris Nasuha and Yasir Mohd Mustafah

1807: Maintain Agent Consistency in Surakarta Chess Using Dueling Deep Network with Increasing Batch

 Rian Adam Rajagede

1822: Development of Rainfall Forecasting Model Using Machine Learning with  Singular Spectrum Analysis

Pundru Chandra Shaker Reddy,  Yadala Sucharitha and Goddumarri Surya Narayana

1825: Classification Model for Breast Cancer Mammograms

 Suzani Mohamad Samuri, Try Viananda Nova, Bahbibi Rahmatullah, Wang Shir Li and  Z.T. Al-Qaysi

2053: An Immersive Augmented Reality System to Study The Efficiency of Dynamic Exit Signage

Azhar Mohd Ibrahim, Muhammad Arif Kamaruddin andAzni Nabela Wahid

2086: Computationless Palm-Print Verification Using Wavelet Oriented Zero-Crossing Signature

Jitendra P Chaudhari, Hiren K Mewada, Amit V Patel, Keyur K Mahant and Apesh D Vala

2115: A Study Of Channel and Delay-Based Scheduling Algorithms for LIVE Video Streaming in the Fifth Generation Long Term Evolution-Advanced Network

 Liza Abdul Latiff,  Huda Adibah Mohd Ramli, Ani Liza Asnawi and Nur Haliza AbdulWahab

2135: Detection Traffic Density with Image Processing Using Pin Hole Algorithm

Mochamad Aditya Irawanto, Casi Setianingsih and Budhi Irawan

Civil and Environmental Engineering

1781: Consolidation Integrated Buoyancy Equation for Soft Ground Improved with Lightweight Polyurethane Foam

Diana Che Lat, Ismacahyadi Bagus Mohamed Jais, Nazri Ali, Nor Zurairahetty Mohd Yunus, Nor Hibatul Wafi Nor Zarin and Atiqah Najwa Zainuddin

1788: Potential Volumizing Effect of the Post-Morph Lime Filler in Attenuating Concrete Carbonation

 Muhamad Hasif Hussin, Mohd Haziman Wan Ibrahim, Nor Hazurina Othman, Mohammed Yahya Mohammed Al-Fasih and  Mohd Fadzil Arshad

2119: Critical Success Factors for Bim Implementation for Power Plant Projects in Malaysia

Mohd Azrul Aziz, Chee Fui Wong, Nuzul Azam Haron, Aidi Hizami Ales, Raja Ahmad Azmeer Raja Ahmad Effendi and  Ooi Kuan Tan

Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

1620: Biodegradation of Mango Seed Starch Films in Soil

 Nur’Aishah Ahmad Shahrim, Norshahida Sarifuddin, Ahmad Zahirani Ahmad Azhar and Hafizah Hanim Mohd Zaki

1693: Experimental Investigation of The Influence of Multi-Recycling on The Fracture Behavior of Post Consumer High Impact Polystyrene from Disposable Cups Evaluated by the  J-Integral Approach

Hanan El Bhilat, Hassan Mabchour, Houda Salmi, Abdelilah Hachim and Khalid El Had

1769: Effect of Sterilization on Mechanical and Blood Properties of Medical Grade Polyvinyl Chloride

Maryam Poostchi and Hamed Bagheri

1816: Magnetically Modified Sugarcane Bagasse Disordered Carbon as a Cadmium Removal Agent in Water

Izzaty Syahirah Baharudin, Noraini Mohamed Noor, Ezzat Chan Abdullah, Raihan Othman and Mubarak Nasibab Mujawar

1842: Application of House of Quality in the Conceptual Design of Batik Wax Extruder and Printer

 Nurul Anissa Mohd Asri, Abdul Malek Abdul Hamid, Norhashimah Shaffiar, Nor Aiman Sukindar, Sharifah Imihezri Syed Shaharuddin and Farid Syazwan Hassan

1848: Mechanical Characterization of Polyester/ E-Glass Fiber Reinforced/MWCNTs NanoComposites

Naguib G. Yakoub

2114: Evaluation of surface roughness and material removal rate in electrical discharge machining of Al-alloy with 10%SiC

Abbas Fadhil Ibrahim

2031: Influence Of Ipns (Vinylester / Epoxy / Polyurethane) On The Mechanical Properties Of Glass / Carbon Hybrid Composites

Karjala Santhosh Priya, Kuttynadar Rajammal Vijaya Kumar,Gopi Suresh, Rajesh Ravi, Chockalingam Devanathan and Chinathambi Muthukaruppan Meenakshi

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

1804: Flow Induced Vibration in Square Cylinder of Various Angles of Attack

 Nur Ain Shafiza Ramzi, Lee Kee Quen, Nur Amira Balqis Mohd Zainuri1, Hooi-Siang Kang, Nor’Azizi Othman and Keng Yinn Wong

1812: Vehicle Air Conditioner (VAC) Control System Based on Passenger Comfort: A Proof of Concept

Suroto Munahar, Bagiyo Condro Purnomo, Muhammad Izzudin, Muji Setiyo and Madihah Mohd Saudi

2113: Computational fluid dynamics Modeling Of Microchannels Cooling for Electronic Microdevices

 Jonathan Fábregas, Henry Santamaría, Edgardo Buelvas, Saul Pérez, Carlos Díaz, Javier Carpintero, Ricardo Mendoza and Jennifer Villa

2138: Comparative Study on Degradation of Polylactic Acid/ Syzygium Aromaticum Composites Ageing in Outdoor Environment and Soil Burial

 Salina Budin, Normariah Che Maideen1, Koay Mei Hyie, Hamid Yussof and Halim Ghafar

2146: Numerical Modelling of Bird Strike on a Rotating Engine Blades Based on Variations of Porosity Density

 Sharis-Shazzali Shahimi, Nur Azam Abdullah, Meftah Hrairi, Ameen Top and Ahmad Faris Ismail

Mechatronics and Automation Engineering

1971: Optimal Piezoelectric Shunt Damper Using Enhanced Synthetic Inductor: Simulation and Experimental Validation

Muhamad Nazri Suhaimi, Azni Nabela Wahid, Norhidayati Diyana Nordin, and Khairul Affendy Md Nor

2156: Maximizing Output Voltage of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester Via Beam Deflection Method For Low-Frequency Inputs

 Mohamad Safiddin Mohd Tahir, Noor Hazrin Hany Mohamad Hanif and Azni Nabela Wahid

Future Issue - July 2022 (Tentative articles will be included once payment and final camera-ready  manuscript received for the accepted articles )


Civil and Environmental Engineering

 2070: Evaluation of Ductility of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Shear Walls Having Different Thicknesses And Different Positions

Rİfat ReSatoGlu and Shahram Jkhsi

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

 2143: Flow Induced Vibration In Square Cylinder of Various Angles of Attack

Nur Ain Shafiza Ramzi, Lee Kee Quen, Nur Amira Balqis Mohd Zainuri, Hooi-Siang Kang, Nor’Azizi Othman and Keng Yinn Wong