Identifying the Higher Objectives (Maqāṣid) of the Qur’ān: A Search for Methodology

  • Tazul Islam
Keywords: Quran, Objectives of the Quran, maqāṣid al-Qur’ān, themes of the Quran, understanding Quran.


 Abstract: This research aims at defining some methodological tools that could help in understanding the higher objectives (maqāṣid) of the Qur’ān. It seems that there exists a lack of methodological identification in the previous literature. This could lead to confusion among readers of the subject to pinpoint the real objectives of the Qur’ān as a wide diversity in scholars’ identification of maqāṣid of the Qur’ān prevails in this regard and as of views are influenced by scholars’ personal and socio-contextual make-up. Consequently, the objectivity in identifying maqāṣid al-Qur’an is impaired. Such situations become major obstacles to the development of maqāṣid al-Qur’ān as a science of understanding the Qur’ān. If some well-defined methodological tools are developed, an objective identification of maqāṣid al-Qur’ān may be possible. A methodological identification of maqāṣid al-Qur’ān seems to be essential. Thus, this study explores some methodological approaches that could help in identifying the higher objectives of the Qur’ān.


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