• Hussien Salman
  • Ahmad Sanusi


The nature is one of the most important sources of inspiration for those who study, analyse and imitated by meditating the architectural forms with substance of the colors, formations and mechanisms of their components and elements. Designers inspired symbols and elements of nature are mostly regulated their design by those elements in the light of what is owned by nature. The various forms features, diversity, balance, adaptation and analogy. The designers involve finding design solutions by mimicking nature through imitation of forms in nature, functions and environmental systems which are learning from the genius balanced and aesthetic.

The nature of the systems, materials and processes, structures, are the best way to inspire solutions to reach sustainability desired and more effectively. Literature review mentions the role of nature form Biomimicry strategy in generating sustainable form, and its applications in the design of high-rise buildings to make it sustainable. In addition, these characteristic effects on the building efficiency, provide comfort to its users. therefore the research objective is how the natural form achieve to sustainability in high-rise building, the methodolgy is qulititive by using the stratagy of investigation through use the method of observation by selection of two organic form projects, the first one is (Al-Bahar tower) in Abu-Dhabi, and the second is (Cactus building) in Dhoha.

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Salman, H., & Sanusi, A. (1). IMPACT OF THE ORGANIC NATURAL FORM ON THE SUSTAINABILITY OF THE HIGH-RISE BUILDING. Journal of Architecture, Planning and Construction Management, 6(2). Retrieved from

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