Camel Herds Algorithm: a New Swarm Intelligent Algorithm to Solve Optimization Problems

  • Ahmed T. Sadiq Al-Obaidi
  • Hasanen S. Abdullah
  • zied O. Ahmed


Swarm Intelligence (SI) is a discipline that deals with artificial and natural
systems which study the collective behaviors of social insects or animals. Camel Herds
Algorithm (CHA) have been proposed as a new swarm intelligent algorithm in this work.
The proposed algorithm depends on the behavior of the camel in the natural wild, taking
into consideration that there is a leader for each herd, food and water searching
depending on humidity value with neighboring strategy. The Flexible Job Shop Scheduling
Problem (FJSP) have been addressed as a case study to confirm the proposed algorithm.
The trial result showed that the CHA is a good strategy to find the optimal solution in
problem space.


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