Monal - An overview of marketing practices

  • Alishba Ijaz FAST School of Management
  • Sundus Dilshad FAST School of Management
  • Abdul Wahab FAST School of Management


Being the first fine-dining restaurant at an unconventional location, the Monal restaurant with a wide range of authentic Pakistani cuisine deeply embedded in the diverse culture of the country. The business can be termed as well thought out model that has taken full advantage of the original restaurants’ popularity and has continued to build on it to scale new heights. Mr Luqman Afzal as a sole proprietor of the business gained a single investor’s confidence in the project’s success, and to make the biggest commercial restaurant success in the history of Islamabad. This case study explores the marketing and value chain of The Monal; what are their marketing strategies and how it provides value to its customers. What are the attractions of their business model and their business performance that made Monal to secure awards from leading culinary institutes? What are the success factors that have led to its success; what are the challenges that company faces on day to day basis. The case study also discusses about their direct and indirect competitors. Finally the future plans of the company and key learning points are also discussed with few recommendations. The case has provided an opportunity to learn about Monal’s functions and operations extensively. It may serve as a learning case for entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities in the restaurant industry.

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