Chandrasekharan Nataraj, Dr. Sheroz Khan, Dr. Mohamed Hadi Habaebi, Dr. Asan G.A Muthalif, Ravi Lakshmanan


This research describes a resonance principle-based low power Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system. The reflective impedance model is derived to evaluate the resonance coupling between coils. Additionally, Cockroft Walton voltage boosting circuit is incorporated to boost up the received voltage to the appropriate level, instead of using traditional conditioning circuits. The prototype model, operating at 130 kHz, is demonstrated experimentally and analysed graphically to validate the performance of designed circuit. For an overall span of 100 mm coil separation distance, the maximum efficiency of 60% with no load and 36% loaded system, is observed at a distance of 55 mm with the approximate (e.g., manual) axial orientation of coils. It can be supported widely for the portable electronic products and biomedical devices. As an added contribution, the WPT circuit were enabled by a password security feature using an arduino nicrocontroller. 

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